Towels Are A Source Of Germs That You Didn’t Expect.

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Towels are the first line of defense. That our body touches before moving on to the next step. like applying moisturizer or putting on clothes. Because the towel helps absorb water on the body, keeping our body completely dry. But did you know that once it absorbs moisture from our body. He took it and kept it for himself. Where is the dirt that was once on our bodies. If not dried Throw it in a pile on the floor or hang it to dry. Your next use of a towel is no different than using a rag to dry yourself. 

After showering until clean Many people tend to use the same towel over and over. But believe it or not. After using a towel just 3 times, it’s already a great source of germs. Report by โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Easy ways to keep your towels clean.

  • Completely separate towels used in different parts. We recommend that you have at least 2 pieces, namely a large cloth for drying yourself. And a small cloth for wiping the face because both parts require different softness. But if you divide it more than that. You might have a cloth for wiping away sweat in everyday life or while playing sports. And another for use only on extra gentle areas.
  • Dry thoroughly after every use. You should not leave the pile as it will cause a musty smell. In addition, there is a risk that the towels. Will come into contact with germs in the area where we pile them. When you put it back in use, instead of wiping yourself clean, it makes it even more dirty.
  • You should wash your towels every time. A week to prevent the accumulation of germs It may seem like it’s too often. But actually, we use it to wipe ourselves at least 2-3 times a day. In total, in 7 days, it’s almost 15 times. Each time we use it, bacteria, germs, and dirt accumulate more and more. Therefore, everyone should wash and dry them every time they have free time.
  • Wash and dry separately. You should wash all towels together. Should not be wash together with other types of fabric. To prevent color bleeding It should be drie in the sun on the drying rack provide. Do not place or dry it on chairs because it can be expose to germs and bacteria.
  •  How to wash should look at the fabric label. In order to wash properly Washing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Will preserve the quality of the fabric for a long time. It is not easily damag or deteriorate in quality. Because some types of fabric cannot be use with fabric softener.
  • Choose to buy towels that are appropriate for the user’s use and lifestyle. For example in the case of traveling frequently. You should choose a towel that dries quickly, is lightweight and easy to carry, such as the Nano towel. Or if used during exercise You should choose one that can provide extra protection against bacteria. Dries easily, and doesn’t absorb water.