5 rules for clear makeup, look beautiful

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What is clear makeup… Makeup that emphasizes the naturalness of the face. Just use cosmetics to fill the various parts on the face clearly and look more natural. By making up like this in addition to the girls. will look more beautiful Secretly whispering that some men still can’t see that it’s makeup. Here are some tricks everyone should know.

1. Foundation is the most important thing

Applying foundation is the most important step of clear makeup because in this look, girls must choose a foundation that matches the skin tone the most. and down in the lightest way Because if the foundation is heavy It will immediately look unnatural. Or you can use it as a BB cream and CC cream because the texture of the product is lighter than the foundation. Alternatively, if you’re a girl with good skin, it’s recommended that you just use concealer to cover your under-eye circles and blemishes.

2. Choose a light-colored eyeshadow with a gentle tone

Most of the time, clear makeup will choose to use light eyeshadow to apply only a thin layer, or girls will not wear eye makeup at all . Just brush your eyelashes and use eyeliner to fill in a little at the corners of your eyes. That’s enough, but!! Do not write eyeliner with a flickering tail!! Must write so that the tail is rounded down according to the shape of the eye.

3. Lightly draw eyebrows. or rounded to make it enough

Indeed, the eyebrows are the crown of the face. But this look, if the eyebrows are too precise. It’s all over. The girls should write eyebrows as natural as possible. By drawing the eyebrows to flutter. Or just fill in the tail of the eyebrow to make it look more clearly enough. Because if the eyebrows are perfect, they may be shaded.

4. A dark matte lipstick wouldn’t suit this look

Dark matte lipsticks are absolutely forbidden for clear makeup, as matte lipsticks will give a fuller look. Girls should use a lighter tinted lip balm. Tint or lip gloss that makes lips look luscious instead. Or if using lipstick, it is recommended to lightly point. Then use your finger to spread it to make it look natural as if you are not just applying the blood.

5. Contour, shade, but must be as light as possible.

I understand that I want to have a small, slender face, but if girls I want clear makeup It may have to be a bit lighter. Or if you really can’t, it is recommended to use a cream or a stick to apply first and then lightly apply the foundation. So that the page has dimensions that are not too obvious, sure enough.